5 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Air Conditioner

Nobody likes the need to call for an emergency A/C repair service in Lancaster, CA. It’s not just costly, but it’s also inconvenient.

Unfortunately, air conditioning issues are likely inevitable. It happens for various reasons, one of which is bad A/C usage habits. Yes, the way you use your system counts as the cause of A/C issues.

The good news is that habit is something you can control and change. So it means you can also prevent the damages that may happen because of it. But first, you have to be aware of the bad habits.

Here’s the list of activities or actions that could be damaging your unit:

Constantly Changing the Temperature Setting On the Thermostat

Does it seem like you just can’t get the temperature at home right? Do you adjust the temperature multiple times a day? If so, your unit is doomed to fail.

Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated. But really, adjusting the temperature setting on the thermostat isn’t a good thing. Your air conditioning unit cools your home in a gradual process. If you change the setting before the system completes the cooling cycle, the system is at risk of short cycling or frequent turning on and off.

Aside from uncomfortable temperatures, this will lead to high electric bills. The latter happens because your unit consumes more energy to kick off.

Procrastinating on A/C Repairs

Do you have a habit of putting off a minor A/C repair task until your unit completely breaks down? Procrastination, in any way, is never a good thing.

Constantly using the air conditioning system even if it’s malfunctioning may result in a more costly repair or, worse, may cause the unit to stop working completely.

So if you think your A/C is not operating as usual, you should consider calling in an A/C repair service provider in Lancaster, CA

Not Cleaning or Replacing the Air Filter When Needed

Whether it’s because the air filter has just been out of your mind or you are just too lazy or busy, not cleaning and replacing this A/C component can cause damage to the unit.

An air filter’s job is to trap and prevent dirt, dust, and other contaminants from circulating with your indoor air. Over time, if you don’t clean or replace the filter, the dirt and dust will accumulate and clog this component. As a result, the filter won’t work effectively.

When you turn your unit on, contaminants and allergens trapped in the filter will be released into the indoor air you breathe. Furthermore, airflow will be restricted, which will afterward cause the coils to freeze.

When the coils are frozen, your unit will have a hard time doing its job. Specifically, the compressor will be likely affected and can be prone to wear and tear.

Shutting the Vents Completely 

Some homeowners probably believe that shutting off vents in unused rooms will save them energy. But actually, closing multiple vents will do more harm to your system than good. It restricts airflow, which may cause the coils to freeze.

As discussed above, frozen coils can cause damage to the compressor. You will need to call in either an A/C repair or replacement service in Lancaster, CA to get your system back at its peak operation.

Putting Items or Plants Beside The Outdoor Unit

Your indoor unit needs to be at least 2 ft away from the wall or any obstruction to allow sufficient, seamless airflow. So placing plants or any items too close to the outdoor unit is definitely a no-no. As discussed above, restricting airflow will damage your air conditioning unit.

Learning the habits that could damage your air conditioning system is the first step to stopping or avoiding them.

If it’s too late and your unit already has problems, call professionals like All Heart Heating & Cooling for a dependable A/C repair service in Lancaster, CA. Professional HVAC contractors can get your system back up and running in no time.