How To Install Venetian Blinds

Blinds are the essence of the house or office that also adds to the privacy of an individual. There are several types of blinds that are specially designed for different purposes. While some of the blinds are easy to install, some blinds are complicated in installment and use.

Venetian Blinds are one such challenging type of blinds that are difficult to measure, cut, and install. But no matter how difficult the task may be, the end result is brilliant as they give a formal and aesthetic look to your home from the inside, contributing much to privacy and light control.

What are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds are metallic or wooden slats of blinds that are used for privacy and safety treatments of windows. The blinds are movable and can be controlled using a ladder corded mechanism. For ultimate safety and light control, the ribakardin can also be moved to 180 degrees by the same corded mechanism.

Venetian blinds are made up of wood and sometimes metals such as aluminum. It can be availed in various colors according to need and aesthetic. The most important purpose that Venetian blinds serve is that it controls the light in a room or area. The thoughtful design lets a user move the blinds according to needs and control the light.

We find Venetian blinds mostly in offices, homes, schools, etc., where light is needed but not intensely. The blinds can also create a dark room if the stabs are perpendicularly left. Good quality makes all the difference.

Blinds in the home

How to Measure the Blinds?

Before you install the blinds, it is important to measure them with respect to your window size and then cut it. If you are ordering the blinds with default standard sizes, you will have to adjust them according to your window size. As you mount the blinds on the outside or inside the recess of the window frame, you must measure that.

If you wish to install the blinds inside the recess of the window, you must take a measuring tape and start with measuring the width of the recess covering three levels- top, middle and bottom. Proceed to measure the length of the recess, also covering three levels- left, middle and right. Write down all the measures and cut the blinds with an extra 12 inches for adjustments.

If you wish to install the blinds outside the recess of the window, you must measure the width of the desired area of mounting. For a better overlap and look, hold extra 10 inches of blinds from the actual measurement. Proceed to measure the length of the window covering three levels- left, middle and right. Write down the proper measurements and cut or order the exact sizes.

How to Install the Blinds?

Installing the blinds is easy once the initial process of measuring and cutting has been done. Here’s a step-by-step guide for installing it.

  • Mark the places of the brackets on the wall where the blinds will be mounted.
  • Drill the marked places and make a hole to fix the brackets.
  • Fix the brackets using a screw and screwdrivers. Make sure the swing arms of the brackets face you.
  • Fix the top stab of the blind into the brackets tightly.
  • Install the movable cords from the brackets that help in the movement of the blinds.

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