A 5-Step Guide to Changing a Door Lock

It may seem like a hassle to change the locks, but there will inevitably be times when you need to do so. In the event of a separation, a loss of keys or a break-in, it’s best to change your locks immediately so you’re in control of who has access to your home.

The majority of door locks can be replaced on your own without a lot of hassle. There are two parts to a standard deadbolt: the lock, which goes on either side of the door, and the latch, which holds the lever that extends into the frame when the door is shut.
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Changing A Door Lock Without A Locksmith

1. Measure the Size of the Door Lock.

Lock holes are predrilled in most new doors. Whenever you replace a lock, you should measure the existing hole to make sure the new lock fits. This will save you the trouble of drilling new holes in your door.

2. Find The Right Lock For Your Door.

Since door locks come in different sizes, you’ll need to measure your existing lock to find a comparable replacement. It is often possible to find the same brand with the same size. For new options, you can read up on what we think are the best door locks.

3. Screw The New Bolt Into Place And Tighten It.

The installation of a new lock is simple once you’ve chosen it. Just slide the bolt into your door from the edge. Install the mounting plate with the provided screws once it has been centered.

How to Replace a Door Lock: Your Step-By-Step Guide

4. Glue the Plates Together.

Connect the exterior plate to the interior base plate using the two long screws that are included with the lock. Make sure the deadbolt is properly connected to the lock cylinder before tightening it. To tighten the lock, use a Phillips or flat-headed screwdriver.

5. Screw On The Decorative Base Plate.

Once the lock is installed and everything is working smoothly, attach the decorative base plate.

Deadbolt Locks: Why we Recommend Them

Traditionally, deadbolt locks have been the most secure. While door knobs are fairly secure, installing a single or double-cylinder deadbolt above the knob adds a layer of security that makes the door harder to breach. Deadbolts are usually predrilled into external doors, making the installation process easier.

Take Into Account Smart Door Locks

Keyless entry sounds convenient, doesn’t it? Or what about locking and unlocking your doors through an app? It is possible to simplify the daily process of getting in and out of your home with smart door locks. You may like some of our favorites that stand out from the rest if smart locks sound appealing to you.