Modern Kitchen Design: All You Need to Know

Is there a look that catches your attention in the kitchen design world? Although some love a cozy kitchen, there are also those who can’t seem to get enough of sleek, spacious cooking areas with state-of-the-art appliances and top-notch finishes. The minimalist style and clean lines of Moderne Küchen add an element of elegance to any room, no matter how small.

According to architect Angelo Siochi of AGSiochi Architecture & Design, modern kitchens are characterized by modern appliances, high-tech materials, and high-tech equipment. The following elements are commonly seen in modern kitchens, but Angelo says modern kitchen design is much more than that. In a modern kitchen, the user’s preferences, ergonomic needs, and mobility are what makes the space ideal for cooking. Moreover, the use of clean, refined designs and a customized layout makes a kitchen more modern. He explains that, for example, kitchen cabinets can be designed in wood, stone, or metal for that modern look.

Whether you’re a fan of modern kitchen design or your kitchen aesthetic is in need of an overhaul, here’s what to know to achieve this look:

Designing a Modern Kitchen – What is It?

With modern kitchen design, you’ll find a clean, organized, well-lit appearance. In Angelo’s opinion, a successful design must balance streamlined aesthetics with function and convenience. The modern kitchen design ensures a clean and safe working environment. Afterwards, food to be consumed by family members will be handled appropriately,” he explains.

In a recent article on, the focus is on function and convenience. According to one of its designers, “less is more describes very well the modern minimalist kitchen – a geometric shape with clean, no detail surfaces, extreme accuracy, and minimalism without heavy background.”

Essentially, modern kitchen design offers a lot in terms of aesthetics, but it also puts an emphasis on functionality and providing the user with enough room to fulfill his or her chores.

Kitchen Design Trends

How Can I Achieve a Modern Kitchen Design?

In designing the kitchen, you should always consider the work triangle, no matter which style you choose or how much space you have. If you understand the basics, you can create a beautiful and efficient kitchen as well. Taking the work triangle into consideration will allow you to work efficiently around the kitchen and keep clutter to a minimum.

It is important that the triangle’s three elements – the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator – are placed so that the kitchen is more systematic and easy to use. Your kitchen should be welcoming and comfortable for you. According to Angelo, the space has to be used properly to be clean and spacious.

Having trouble understanding your kitchen’s layout? Take a look at the basic layouts indicated on your floor plan.

How Does A Modern Kitchen Design Differ From A Traditional One?

When it comes to designing your kitchen, consider how you will interpret the modern style while also considering function and ease of use. Select the materials and appliances you will use to fill the space in order to serve its purpose. Colors should be chosen depending on the personality of the person who will use it frequently,” advises Angelo.