A Guide To Listing Your Home On The Property Market

If you have decided to sell up and relocate to another part of the country, selling your property can be a real challenge, as there are so many properties on the market today. In this article, we offer the Australian homeowner some useful advice about listing and selling the property, which we hope will result in a quick sale at your asking price.

  • Preparing the Property – Both the exterior and interior need to be assessed, looking for small repairs or renovations that will boost the appeal of the property. You should make a list of things that need to be done with the exterior and another one for the inside, and with a fixed budget, you should be able to make some cost-effective improvements that make your home even more appealing.
  • Sourcing the Best Real Estate Agent – It is important to source a good real estate agent and if you would like to effortlessly compare the best real estate agents on the Sunshine Coast, search online for a real estate agent-finding website, where you can access performance data on all the registered real estate agents. This service is totally free to the homeowner can you can find out how many units an agent has sold, the average number of days a property is listed until sold and the average price for property units sold.
  • Professional Listing – Regardless of the size or style of your home, it should be presented in a professional manner, with top quality images and text, as this will aid a quick sale. Once you have compared real estate agents using the free online service, they would have their own property photographer and a copy writer to create aa professional property listing. Some real estate agents incorporate virtual viewing that allows a potential buyer to enjoy a virtual tour of the property, which is a great idea, especially during the pandemic.
  • Accepting Offers – Hopefully, you will receive offers and rather than waiting for that to happen, you should make a decision as to the lowest price that you will accept, which will make things easier when someone makes an offer. Sometimes the potential buyer would like some of the furniture included in the sale, so this is something to consider. If you are planning to renovate the living room, click here for some design inspiration.
  • Evaluations – Many real estate agents offer a free property valuation service, but failing that, you can commission a surveyor to value the property, then you will know what a realistic price is. Land prices never go down and there are a lot of variables to take into account when valuing a piece of real estate. Here is some government information about buying and selling property in Australia, which is recommended reading.

If you take advantage of the free real estate agent-finding service, you can contact the high performers and have them list your property on their websites. Try to find a real estate agent with fixed fees, as this means you will pay less than if the agent takes a commission on the sale price.