The Advantages Of Diamond Drilling In London And Beyond

The act of diamond drilling in London or otherwise is to drill through concrete using specialised machinery. You might question why concrete should need to be drilled through – but it is a process which is quite commonplace and something which is required for multiple tasks.

Diamond Drilling might be required for something such as construction, retrofitting or demolition, and there are a number of companies which can provide concrete cutting services using diamond drilling in London and beyond.

Thanks to our colleagues at the Drilling Directory, we’ve made a summary of this process and the advantages compared to traditional means of drilling.

What Is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond Drill bits are typically fitted with a variety of diamond segments, welded to one end. This bit is then mounted onto a drill-sized rig which is powered by electric, air or hydraulic motors. Diamond drilling can be used in a variety of ways – horizontal holes are achievable, vertical holes are achievable, and for odd shapes, it is more than possible to use a technique called “stitch drilling” using a number of holes to create openings in certain measurements and shapes.

How Does Diamond Drilling Differ from Other Methods?

Diamond Drilling has the edge over other drilling methods for multiple reasons. The first of which is that diamond drilling methods mean a precise cut, which allows for non-vibrational methods of work. Non-vibrational drilling allows a much improved sense of safety. Another gigantic plus of diamond drilling is that the hole which is drilled is not prone to spoiling – which occurs with other means of drilling.

Safety is paramount, and diamond drilling in London and other areas are carried out according to very strict water and dust control attachments. Concrete, while a useful substance, is best not breathed, and with diamond drilling a site can be completely safe from any harmful dust.

Another point which must be considered with diamond drilling is the sheer variety of holes which can be drilled. Crews can cut holes from a rather small 10mm all the way up to a 1.2m diameter – and this allows for a large variety of things which can be added to concrete such as water pipes, gas pipes, entrances, doorways, windows, and much more.

Diamond Drilling is also very quiet. In areas such as London where the nature of the city means that work can only typically be carried out while it is not a distraction, Diamond Drilling is a process which can be carried out at any time of the day.

Examples of Where Diamond Drilling Is Superior than Traditional Drilling Methods

Construction – As mentioned above, Diamond Drilling is common in the construction stage when mistakes are made. Concrete is a material which is rather difficult to work with, so concrete drilling such as diamond drilling may be decided upon after concrete has set.

Renovation / Retrofitting – Renovation and retrofitting are things which are rather common in the city of London as well as other urban areas. The advantage of retrofitting or repurposing an existing building is that less disruption is caused by the construction effort, as things such as groundworks and the like are already taken care of. As such, the city of London itself is always in need of diamond drilling companies due to the rapid expansion of the city.