15 Trending Interior Decor Traits for Your Home

Are you planning to give a modern update to your home? Modernism follows a more distinct set of rules for creating a specific outlook, while this interior design style is quite similar to minimalism. Today, we have enlisted the top 15 interior decor trends that you can incorporate into your home, ranging from the color schemes and lighting to the modern furniture ideas!

1. Choose the Modern Design

It is very important to select between a variety of styles of modern home design to help guide your design process before creating a modern home. You may like the mid-century modern look for your home if you love to search for vintage furniture and decor. The modern organic trend might be the one for you if you wish to gravitate towards a neutral blend of colors and materials.

Modern farmhouse, contemporary modern, and industrial modern are the prominent styles that you can include in your home.

2. Stick to Neutral Pantones

Neutral color palettes are the traditional and easy way to go ahead when it comes to decorating your modern home. Here simplicity is the main aspect coming to the modern design, which is why they use of colors like white, beige, gray, brown, and other natural shades works well for this kind of home style. Additionally, it can offer a black canvas allowing you to highlight the furniture in your room with the addition of splashes of color, completing the modern look of your home.

3. Create Contrast By Selecting The Darker Tones

Consider the addition of the darker tones to contrast with any lighter shades that you use as you plan for your home’s modern color scheme. The design of a modern home can also include the bold tones keeping the fun in action with the darker shades of gray and black.

There are yet other modern styles that tend to lean toward the contrast of dark and light colors, mainly the modern farmhouse. You can start incorporating the darker shades in paint colors, cabinets, and shelving along with the furniture pieces of tables, dining chairs, and couches.

4. Add a Pop of Color

For any modern home design, the darker and neutral tones are the standard choice, and decorating does not have to come down to just the black and white. You can make use of the burst of colors for creating some added visual interest, while the base color palette should be the neutrals.

There are several interior designers who have opted for the primary shades of yellow, red, and blue for achieving a more dynamic look as the modern home design initially became popular. But the other brighter shades of pink and green have made their way into the modern design too. Consider placing a colorful rug or bright couch, painted cabinets, or a vibrant accent chair while looking for the colorful home inspiration.

5. Strive for a Clean Look

Are you unsure about which direction you are taking the interior design of your home? Start by creating a polished clean look throughout your whole space. You can choose to become minimalist using the less is more approach that will help you in achieving the light and airy feel that several modern homes have. Select the functional pieces of furniture and the minimal decor pieces for avoiding the clutter wherever possible in order to achieve this.

6. Geometric Design Is Key

The main staple in the modern interiors is the strong shapes, as there are various ways to play with the geometric design in your home. The square sinks give your home the modern touch of a farmhouse, while the triangular coffee tables are a popular choice in the mid-century modern style. The geometric shapes are not limited to the furniture. Try selecting the herringbone tile in your bathroom to create a stylish look that attracts your eyes.

7. Everything is About the Lines

Irrespective of the modern home style that you end up selecting, all you will want is to impose a greater focus on the crisp uninterrupted lines. Never shy away from the addition of the items with the curvy, dramatic lines to help the addition of balance, giving your room greater personality, while the straight lines are a massive part of this rule. Consider placing the chair along with the curved edges next to your bed or setting a rounded vase on top of a square table for the modern and bold juxtaposition!

8. Use Materials Purposefully

You should locate a good balance between the varied kinds of materials, and this is the goal of your modern design. The commonly used materials in mid-century modern design are polished wood, vinyl, glass, and metal. Organic modern home decor also uses sustainable materials such as bamboo, cotton, linen, and others for creating a stylish modern look that is inviting and eco-friendly.


9. Try out Different Textures

The ideal way to add more depth to your room is with the inclusion of various textures. Modern design is everything about the creation of interesting balance, which is the reason why blending in various textures like leather and velvet is fine. Consider mixing other textures such as shiny, suede, matte, and furry, making your space more dynamic and giving it a modern feel

10. Allow in Natural Light

The space in your home is opened up, making it appear larger when you allow it in the natural light. The ideal way to get this done is with the use of larger windows; therefore, ensure to avoid the heavier curtains along with the drapes to help the room maintain an airy feel. You can also incorporate mirrors all throughout your home for the addition of more light and give it the feel of illusion. These are the elements that help to emphasize the modern appearance of your home’s design.

11. Use Statement Lighting

The most fun-filled way in which you can play with the modern look of your home along with offering functionality is the use of statement lighting. Look for the angular chandeliers from Burke Decor or the larger floor lamps and abstract pendant lights while you select the modern lighting for your kitchen. You can also mount them with a back-lit mirror in your bathroom to help keep the lines clean while offering some additional light while getting prepared.

12. Rethink Your Kitchen Seating

Think of the way you wish in arranging the seating as you start to remodel your modern kitchen. Breakfast nooks were created early in the 1900s as means of improving the flow of the room, rejecting the traditionalism of separate rooms. You can use the rounded tables surrounded by the tulip chairs to aid in your eating area feeling more intimate. Simply place some art-decor-inspired bar stools around your kitchen island if you are limited on space.

13. Select the Bold Modern Art

Is there any better way to decorate your home with modern wallpapers and wall art? The style goes back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, rejecting the look of the art styles before those times, thereby resulting in a more avant-garde look. Hang up the bold abstract painting and the geometric sculptures to help in creating a focal point in a room with the addition of some personality in order to bring modern art into your home.

14. Hunt down the Vintage Pieces

You need not stick to the all-new furniture and decor while decorating your modern home. You can simply blend the modern and vintage decor to create a balance by playing with these opposite styles. There are various furniture pieces from that time to be incorporated into the modern homes today since the mid-century modern was popular from the 1940s-to 1960s. Try to pair the vintage lounge chair with the modern side table mixing and matching your dining room chairs for a balanced and contrasting look.

15. Customize Your Furniture

Form and function flow together in a modern home design. You can use customized furniture as this is the best option in the modern home since it creates a point of focus. It is the best way to include the high-quality items in your home that serves a meaning and purpose, as you can also have your table, chair, and other furniture pieces made to fit your elegant style!