How Wire Cage Storage Units Fail?

There are numerous benefits for both the renter and the property owner when you install on-site storage to your apartment complex. As a property owner, you get the added monthly income of rental fees, a cleaner and more organized property, and renters that feel cared for. Your tenants get a safe and designated private space to hold their extra belongings, and the convenience of easy access to their stored items. However, not all storage units are created equally, and if you fall for the fallacy of lower prices in exchange for less privacy and safety, your storage plans may just backfire. Wire cage storage units are the shining example of this and have gained a false popularity for their seemingly low prices in exchange for less safety and security. 

The Pitfalls of Wire Cage 

Renters value safety, privacy, and security when it comes to storage, and if they don’t feel their belongings are safe when stored away they are far less likely to use them and pay the monthly storage fee for them. Wire cages provide little to no privacy or coverage, leaving the renters’ belongings out in the open and vulnerable to any wandering eyes or passing by thieves. The lack of coverage also allows for dirt, dust, debris, insects, and anything else small enough to move through the wire easily inside the storage unit. Even the appearance of the wire mesh cage is unappealing to renters, and potential future tenants. The severe lack of privacy and easy view of the contents of the storage units means the disorganization inside the units is always on full display, making them look unkempt and messy and overall giving this aesthetic to your entire property. One of the main reasons property owners fall into the pitfalls of wire mesh is the seemingly low price point, but the truth is there are plenty of higher quality storage options within the same price range that don’t compromise on safety and security. If your tenants don’t feel their belongings are safe in the provided storage units, they can resort to stowing extra belongings away in hallways, patios, and other shared spaces. This causes an inconvenience and safety hazard for the other tenants in the area and can make your property look overall unorganized and unkempt. Wire cage storage units lure in property owners with the fallacy of lower prices and end up with unused units or even worse, break-ins and loss of trust of tenants. 

Finding the Right Storage for Your Property 

There are many options for on-site storage that don’t compromise on privacy and security that won’t break the bank, and your renters will love it. A good storage unit should be made with walls of solid metal, providing both security and privacy. They should be lockable, for added safety and peace of mind. Renters love the easy access to storage units close to their apartment, and there are different options like traditional storage lockers, more modern car space storage bins, and many others to make this a reality. When you install trustworthy, high quality storage options for your renters, it’s a true win win. Storage units made with walls of metal add a sleek and modern design to the aesthetic of your property, giving it a more modern look and feel which is great for potential future renters. You can add design, value, and security with the right storage unit option, and your tenants feel cared for when they are given a storage unit that they feel they can trust. Don’t fall for the pitfalls and fallacies about wire cage storage units.