Have A Wire Mesh Storage Unit? Here Is A Better Option

When it comes to offering storage to your tenants, not all storage units are created equal. A wire mesh storage unit, while at first glance seems to be the most cost-effective way to offer extra storage, leaves a lot to be desired. Hardly secure, easily broken into, and flat out unattractive, wire mesh storage units are simply outdated, outperformed, and not preferred by most tenants seeking an apartment with extra storage. Here, we will lay out exactly why this style of storage is undesirable, and give some examples of highly successful and sought-after storage solutions for apartments.

Simply Outdated

While created with the best intentions, wire mesh storage units are not secure and are hardly looked at as an amenity by tenants. Studies show renters are not willing to pay extra for this style of storage, because they keep their belongings in the plain sight of targeting thieves, only separated by a thin layer of penetrable wire. Renters also view this style of storage as generally unattractive and hardly as an added amenity. They only give the illusion of security, while doing little to nothing to hide valuables from wandering eyes. The visible nature of wire mesh storage makes your tenants belongings a target, asking for thieves and whoever else to create trouble.

The Better Options? One Word, Bradyl.

Bradyl Storage Solutions constructs storage solutions for apartment owners looking to add secure and trustworthy storage to their properties for their tenants to rent and use with peace of mind. With options to fit both your space, and budget, Bradyl makes the right storage unit for you. Lets compare the popular models and what makes them perfect fits for any property. As for shipping the item, Shiply guarantees you can get personalized quotes for your shipping needs as full truck loads or less than load freight shipping.

  • The Bradyl Box- A perfect solution for a property limited on extra space. The Bradyl Box is a self-standing box unit that uses the free air space above vehicles in pre-existing parking spaces. Adjustable legs make it a perfect fit over any car, truck or SUV, and it is made to fit in the standard parking spot size. Offering 80 cubic feet of storage space, and easily supporting up to 900 pounds, this storage box is a great fit for any property owner looking to offer an extra amenity and earn a bonus income.
  • The Bradyl Bin- A more traditional take on a storage unit, the Bradyl Bin is reminiscent of the kind of storage locker space one would expect to find at an off-campus storage facility, brought right to your property. A perfect and cost-effective way to turn extra space into a sought after amenity for tenants, and a bonus income for you. Studies show tenants are willing to pay up to $150 extra a month to use these attractive and reliable storage lockers, and they cost about the same as a wire mesh unit while being all the more attractive and secure. The Bradyl Bin is designed to offer a high end feeling storage solution for properties looking to up their tenant experience and security.

When renters are shopping for a new space to call home, they want to feel that their safety is important and they are taken care of. Both of these innovative storage solutions offered by Bradyl are able to be securely locked, and keep tenants’ belongings safe while still being easily accessible to them. The bottom line is, if you are looking to add secure and trustworthy storage to your property as a sought after amenity and an extra added income, wire mesh style storage is outdated and outperformed by innovative storage designs that are budget-friendly and your tenants will love.