Crime Scene Cleaners Mableton Georgia

Certain unplanned events may occur in your home or business area, that may lead to some form of trauma; your relative could have been a victim of a robbery gone bad, and in such cases, you usually would be tasked with cleaning the scene after the event. Whenever you find yourself in need of crime scene cleanup, you can count on crime scene cleaners Mableton Georgia to set things back on track. In cases like this, it is best to go for crime scene cleanup specialists who can eliminate dangerous, harmful contaminants, which includes body fluids or blood, offensive odors from crime scenes.

Fluids and blood can be infected with blood borne pathogens and can cause different types of diseases. When body fluids and blood get held in floors, ceilings, and walls, these blood borne pathogens can make people fall ill sooner or later.Crime scene cleaners Mableton Georgia is renowned for its excellent services, with a team of experts who carry out crime scene cleanup. Our cleaning is effective and thorough; making sure that your entire family is safe and can get back to their normal lives with ease. We make use of these processes to carry out crime scene cleanup in a bid to safeguard your home and family.


We make use of accurate disinfection technique designed to prevent and get rid of anything that can lead to cross-contamination. After carrying out a thorough examination of the crime scene, three zones;

Control zone – In the control zone, contaminated sections where the biohazard cleanup and removal procedure is carried out. At this point, you rest assured that with the help of our experts, everything is under perfect control.

Buffer zone – The buffer zone is a zone where our professionals put on their outstanding personal protective equipment for efficient functioning and disposal of infected and contaminated materials.

Clean zone – This is a zone created to ensure safekeeping of store equipment in a bid to put a stop to cross contamination.


As soon as our team is done establishing these three zones, we will commence cleaning by eliminating any debris, dirt and biological materials which includes body fluids and blood from the affected area. Any object or surface that cannot be taken care of will be taken out and disposed of properly.

After much examination, Adenosine Triphosphate Fluorescence test is used to make certain contaminants are entirely eradicated from the environment. After cleaning and disinfection, the next thing that has to be done is to utilize deodorizer to get rid of the stench.

When an incident such as crime or death occurs, there shouldn’t be any worries with regards to the cleaning of the scene. If there’s any need or tendency to get a biohazard cleanup, you have to get in contact with a professional crime scene cleanup company in Mableton Georgia to help ensure your safety after the cleaning procedure is done.