What You Need to Know About TV Mounting

TVs play a huge role in your household, and we, at Puls, understand how important they are. Whether you’re entertaining guests, working out, or binge-watching your favorite shows, a TV is a must-have in any household.

While most of you are viewing this on one of your own sleek, modern screens, let’s be honest. Can we mount them on the wall?

This question still remains unanswered, unfortunately. Your TV is most likely not mounted on the wall because you do not know how or do not have the physical strength to do it. While flat screens were designed to be mounted, many television viewers neglect to do so.

You might have stayed away from professional TV mounting Charlotte NC after learning it would cost over $4,000 to install your TV. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an affordable and convenient TV installation service that you could use instead of spending a lot of time and energy doing it yourself?

From the dos and don’ts of mounting a TV on the wall to the ultimate TV mounting results, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

The Puls team shares their expertise on mounting a TV on a wall, along with the dos and don’ts. Check out the blog post for more information.

There Are Many Mistakes People Make When Mounting A TV

In case you’re skilled around the house or if you work hard to avoid common mounting mistakes, you don’t need to hire professionals. Discover what you need to do, and perhaps even more important, what you shouldn’t do.

Choosing the Right TV Size

The first dilemma you will need to address when mounting a TV is choosing the proper size. Your entertainment area may look best with a TV of the right size, but choosing the right size is not easy.

For entertaining guests on a regular basis, a TV should not be too large and clunky for your room, but it should still be visible from afar. You can find our other blog post on this topic, which covers it in greater detail.

Choosing the Right Place for Your TV

Puls TV Mounting Resource Center: How-To Mount your TV, Mounts Sizes ,  Styles & more

You must first determine where in your entertainment room (or bedroom) your TV should be placed before moving forward. A location for your new office is another tricky decision you should carefully consider.

Consider all the options and make a decision on where your TV should be mounted and what type of surface should be behind it in order to make the best choice. There are a number of factors to consider when mounting your TV and determining the right height.

What You Need To Know About Mounting a TV on Drywall

The most traditional method for mounting TVs on walls is a TV mounting on drywall. The easiest way to mount a TV to the wall is to mount it on a flat, neutral-colored surface since drywall is one of the most common interior materials.

As it is less rigid and thick than other materials, including bricks and concrete, it is also one of the easiest materials to mount your TV on. Check out our how-to guide on mounting your TV on drywall if you’ve made the decision to mount your TV on drywall. Throughout the article, you’ll find many reasons and suggestions for mounting a TV on drywall.