5 Reasons You Should Have a Dumbwaiter Lift in Your Multistoried Home.

Thanks to technology, we have seen many great inventions, most of which have made life easier. One of such innovations is the Dumbwaiter lift, a portable freight elevator that improves the transport of items such as food, laundry and small equipment in multistorey buildings.

The term ‘dumbwaiter’ denotes its feature of being a waiter that is seen but not heard. This device works via a track system and  uses an electric motor. Plus, the lift is effective in both residential and commercial settings. In this article, we give you 5 reasons you should consider getting a dumbwaiter for your multistoried home.

1. Reduced Injury Risk and Safety

The chances of getting injured while carrying household items between floors are greatly reduced with the use of a dumbwaiter lift. Why? The lift minimizes the number of times people move from one floor to another. As such, I’ll keep residents out of possible harm’s way.

Dumbwaiters have inbuilt automatic safety brakes that prevent them from moving when their doors are open. They also have door locks to stop them from opening when they are moving.

2. Efficient Home Transportation

A dumbwaiter is ideal for moving items within a multistoried home. Using a Dumbwaiter saves time. It conveniently carries things using its track system making transport within the home faster.

The lift also erases the long interval humans often take you to carry laundry down a flight of stairs. Meanwhile, this will also readily increase productivity and efficiency in executing house duties.

3. Space Management

Compared to the regular elevator, a dumbwaiter takes much less space due to its small size and simple design. It can easily fit into the home without disorganising the aesthetics. If you choose the Dumbwaiter over a standard lift,  you’ll save space.

4. Minimise Physical Stress

The process of carrying equipment between floors requires much energy, and can soon cause physical stress. Worse still, it can aggravate an already existing health condition like back or ankle aches.

A homeowner can prevent this with the use of an electric dumbwaiter, which has a capacity that ranges from 40-100 kg depending on the model. The lift requires hardly any energy to push its buttons. Older people as well as people living with disabilities will find this machine indispensable as it will ease the stress off daily activities around the home.

5. Little Maintenance and Cost-Effective

The Dumbwaiter requires little to no maintenance compared to a regular elevator. This

E ma home has this amazing advantage because it does not carry human passengers. As such, it requires just a few services per year.

For a multistoried home, the presence of a dumbwaiter will reduce need for extra domestic staff and equally boost the efficiency and productivity of the already available staff. All these will also reduce the cost of running the home.


It is quite easy to see how advantageous a dumbwaiter lift can be in a home where convenience and efficiency are priorities. If you seek an amazing and comfortable way to increase the value of your home, a dumbwaiter lift is surely a great option to consider.