Upgrade your Home to Accommodate your Vehicle

The best vehicle based upgrades you can make to your home are easier to reach than you’d think.

We all want to live in a nicer house. Even those of us who have already landed a dream property are always looking for ways to improve it. Whether that be through adding furniture, changing décor, or making room additions; your dream home is never quite finished.

One of the primary home additions that can upgrade our quality of life, is to facilitate our vehicle. When our cars are left in the cold and wet, they rust and suffer damage. When we build home extensions to shield them from that damage, we extend their life. Better yet, we don’t need to get our hair wet when leaving for work in a rainstorm.

Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your home to accommodate your vehicle. Each one will increase your home’s overall value and improve curb appeal.

The Upgrades to Make to Your Home to Protect Your Vehicular Investment

There are a few ways UK residents prefer to upgrade their home to facilitate their vehicles. Let’s talk about the popular ones.

1 – Add a Driveway

A driveway might have a lot of outright expense to it, but it’s also a great way to improve the aesthetic of your home. It gets your vehicle off the roadside, which is where it is likeliest to endure damage. It gives you somewhere to keep your vehicle that is inside the confines of your property, so if you want to cover it with a security camera, you can.

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There are two downsides to driveways. One is the ongoing maintenance, the other is the initial cost. You can now get a HELOC in the UK that can help you pay for home improvements. The HELOC lets you borrow against the value of your home so you can use as much or as little of that value as you like.

2 – Add a Garage

Adding a garage is the ideal way to protect your car. If you have the garage built onto the side of your property, you can use this to extend upwards with a second storey addition later. Add to this the ability to shelter your car from the elements, and you can see why garage instalment in the UK such a popular choice is. Again, this comes with a start-up cost. The average price for a new garage in the UK ranges from £13,000 to £25,000.

3 – Add a Carport

So, if you want the safety from the elements that a garage comes with, but without that price tag, you can turn your attention to a car port, instead. Typically, these have a roof on stilts and no sides, although some are partially covered. They keep your car off the street, away from damage, and out of the elements. They’re also far cheaper, making them the affordable option to protect your vehicle with a home addition.

Drive a Motorcycle? Upgrade with a Shed

Lastly, we haven’t discounted those thrill seekers that need somewhere to stow away their motorcycles. If you drive a motorbike or even a bicycle, a shed is all you need to store it out of the rain.