Eclectic Interior Design: Hints To Making A Glam Interior

Interested in escaping the monotonous beige box? Would you like to live a colorful life? Are you more of a multicolored person? The time has come to embrace the gold jewels, the bright colors, and pretty much everything glam!

Those of you who enjoy mixing contrasting colors, metallic tones, fabrics, patterns, textures, and out-of-the-box contrasts, along with tassels, trims, fringes, and the list goes on, are most likely eclectic people. Likewise, I admire and adore this interior design style just like you.

Where Does Eclectic Style Come From?

It is all about being carefree in your home (and your life in general) in the Eclectic maximalist interior design. It has one rule: don’t follow it!  It is okay to use some lines or contrasts, but don’t be restricted by a particular shade or tone! A free-spirited style, eclectic interior design reflects a person’s lifestyle and combines many shades, tones, and hues as well as metals, fabrics, patterns, and contrasts to very creative effect. Your style is Eclectic if you love colors!

I recently completed two eclectic interior design projects with my clients on the west coast of the United States. Below you can see examples of the two projects. The space was designed to reflect Maddy’s profession and lifestyle as an artist and creative director. I proposed this design. I am also working on a project for another client, Lara, a home office worker in the US who enjoys anything colorful and extravagant.

Eclectic Styles Characteristics

An eclectic style blends the old and the new, the past and the present, and the east and west. Make sure everything looks connected and cohesive even when you mix and match! In addition to colors, textures, fabrics, decor accessories, details, and materials are also key design elements of this style.

How to Do Eclectic Interior Design Just Right - Hayneedle

It is exactly the opposite of Minimalists and Scandinavians and could be a great synonym for MAXIMALISTS! Would you describe yourself as a maximalist? Would you like colorful things? What do you think about luxury and glam? Find out more about their characteristics here!

Decor: Color Palette for the Eclectic Interior

Having trouble deciding where to start and where to end! Color is the key to eclectic style. A base of many accents is involved (not one or two – there are five, six or even seven accents involved). Green, yellow, electric blue, magenta, rust, and purple are some examples of emerald greens. They all have to be used together. You can, of course, use a neutral or a base that will blend in. You could also choose an interesting wallpaper or wall decal for the focal wall or paint it in an interesting color!

If you do so, be sure to repeat the accents more than once so that everything looks connected! Check out my green and yellow blend below! Adding gold accents to the furniture frames at the top further accentuates the collaborative look of the space.

Designing Eclectic Interiors: Materials

Eclectic Interior Design is heavily influenced by materials. The tabletops can be marble, metal, or glass, or they can be metallic finishes on furniture, or they can be tufted upholstery, crystals, mirrors, velvets, silks, acrylics, faux, or fur! In eclecticism, materials and colors are balanced by balancing the contrasts.

You should also choose materials that accentuate your colors and give a more ‘glam’ appearance! If you want your space to speak, think luxury – satin, silk, and velvet should be bold enough, while bronze, gold, and rose-gold shades should speak your style! A throw pillow, blanket, or rug could also add a touch of comfort through fur or faux!