RV Mattress vs. Regular Mattress: What’s Different?

 If you plan to go camping, you need to figure out where you will sleep at night. The best options are to carry a mattress since it can be folded up during the day and brought out when night falls. There are two main mattresses in the market, one made for RVs, and the other is a regular mattress. Here is the main difference between these two mattresses.

The Weight

One of the things that makes an rv mattress different from a regular mattress is the weight. Regular mattresses are often heavy since they do not need to be carried around. On the other hand, RV mattresses are lightweight because one needs to find a way to pack everything into the RV. While you might insist and still carry your regular mattress into your RV, you will realize that it makes the RV heavier. In turn, it will be harder for you to get other things into the car.

Most RVs have a specific weight that they cannot carry above, and if you overload the RV, you might have issues as you travel along.


Normal-sized mattresses fit specific bed sizes. When it comes to your RV, the space available is very limited. Getting a regular mattress will mean you will not have space to put other things. Since the mattress is very bulky, there is a huge chance you will not put it away when morning comes. Most people prefer to get the RV mattress because it can be easily folded and put away during the day. The RV gets more space for other things, and you do not have to worry about running into your mattress and ruining it during the day.

The RV sizes are often smaller because RVs will have limited sleeping quarters. For instance, an RV queen mattress is way smaller than a regular queen mattress. Before buying the mattress for your RV, ensure you confirm the size. Many people have gotten disappointed when they realize that the mattress they got is not what they initially wanted. Look at the size of the mattress and not just the name.


RV Mattress That Would Make Your Sleep More Comfortable

Even though an RV mattress is firm, it cannot be compared to a regular mattress. Regular mattresses come in higher densities than RV types because they are meant to last longer. Since you will not be sleeping in the RV throughout the year, you do not need a high-density mattress that will take years before it starts wearing out. It is the main reason why these mattresses might have to be replaced faster than regular mattresses if one chooses to use them full time. The lower density also makes the RV mattress easy to fold, making it easy to pack when going on a road trip.

With a firm RV mattress, you will need more storage space. Many of them will not fold over or be tucked away easily. You might need to get a bigger RV as well if you plan on getting a firmer mattress. That way, you can store your mattress without any major issues.


Just like the thickness, RV mattresses are slightly thinner than regular mattresses. The reason behind this is to allow for easier and better storage of the mattress when the RV is not in use. If you want a thick mattress, then chances are you will get a regular-sized mattress but in a smaller size. That way, you enjoy the comfort of having a thicker mattress, but it will be smaller than the RV mattress, so it can fit in the designed space.


Since the RV mattresses are smaller, less firm, and thinner, it goes without saying that they will be uncomfortable to use. There are former options in the market, but even those will not compare to an actual mattress. The only good thing is, you do not need to use this RV mattress daily.

Buying a mattress for your RV should be done after some research. Figure out what mattress will suit the RV better and last longer. Once you do that, you can get a mattress that will work perfectly for you when on the road.