Avoid these Common Plumbing Mistakes

It is possible to fix a simple plumbing problem that could develop in your home. It will save you time and money if you have a plumbing problem and know how to fix it. All you will need are accessible plumbing tools and basic plumbing knowledge. In the case you lack plumbing knowledge, you can always contact a professional. If you know what helps avoid common plumbing problems, then it helps you or an expert plumber do their job better when fixing your pipes or fittings.

Here are six common mistakes that can be avoided when dealing with plumbing:

Putting Non-potable Water in the Dishwasher’s Drain Hose

If there is non-potable water in the dishwasher’s drainage hose, it will cause leaks in your kitchen walls or floors. Make sure to clean out this hose regularly. By doing this, you will minimize the chances of putting non-potable water in the drain hose.

Allowing the Showerhead To Hang Too Low

If your shower head hangs too low, you could be at risk of water damaging your bathroom floors. Make sure the hose is installed far enough away from your walls and floor. The idea is to avoid contact when you take a shower or run the sink faucet.

Not Using Pipe Dope or Teflon Tape

Fittings can easily leak if they aren’t installed properly. Sometimes you could experience leaks even when they were correctly installed. Using these products as an extra measure will help ensure that your fittings don’t leak.

Over Tightening Plumbing Connections

It’s important not to tighten piping connections s this can break the pipes. It’s much better to use an adjustable wrench than a pair of channel locks. It will prevent accidentally over-tightening the piping connection and breaking it.

Using Harsh Chemicals on Metals

Using harsh chemicals like drain cleaners or bleach may seem like it works quickly on drains blocked with hair and gunk. It is not always the case as it can corrode metals in the pipes over time, especially if used frequently. The best alternative would be to use plumbing lubricant to protect and lubricate plumbing fixtures. It is also waterproof and comprises silicone combined with silicone grease.

Learn How to Avoid These Common Plumbing Mistakes

Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

Using too much drain cleaner is not only wasteful, but it can damage the piping in your home. It is because using too much drain cleaner will eat away at metal parts of your plumbing system. As a result, it causes them to rust or corrode.

Not Turning off the Main Water Valve

When a pipe bursts, it’s essential that you shut off the main water valve to avoid flooding in your home. Turn off all faucets if you have a burst pipe and don’t know where the main water valve is located. It will stop the flow of water into your house before you call an emergency plumber.

Spacing Around Toilets

When you have a toilet installed in your home, the area must be adequately spaced away from walls and other objects. A plumber can help you determine how much space will be needed around your new toilet for everything to work properly.

Not Fixing Leaks

If you ever notice pooling water at any joints or connections of your plumbing system, you must fix the leak as soon as possible. If you leave it for too long, it can cause corrosion and other problems in your home’s pipes.

Not Using A Galvanized Steel Duct Strap

It helps secure ducts to prevent them from moving or working loose over time. It can be hazardous if they snap off while someone is walking under them.

Repairing Your Plumbing

It’s hard to tell if the problem with your piping is a small or a big one. So, calling an emergency plumber can help ensure the issue is fixed before it gets worse. Also, you will get to avoid spending more money than what you originally budgeted for repairs.

Not Cleaning Out Pipes

If tree roots grow down into your pipes, it is an eyesore and can cause serious plumbing problems. If you have tree roots growing in your pipes, make sure to clean them out. You can use a small wire brush to shave the unwanted growth.

Not Using Pipe Sealant

When water passes through areas of corrosion or pinhole damage in your piping system, leaks will start to form over time. For this reason, it is essential to seal the area with pipe sealant.

Remember, if you lack plumbing knowledge, it’s best to contact a professional. Do not attempt to guess your way through plumbing, as you may worsen the situation. Also, you can now avoid these common plumbing mistakes to ensure you have a sound plumbing system.