Skip Hire

Hiring a skip can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before, but it’s easy if you just bear a few things in mind.

Hiring A Skip

The first concern is size. Skips are often available in sizes measured in square yards. It can be difficult to know which size to go for.  Often, you’ll need a bigger skip than you think, and if you’ve got large items that can’t be reduced then you might ned to buy a larger skip to accommodate their size.

When you order, the hire company will often ask if you need the skip for inert or mixed waste, so what’s the difference? Inert waste is things like concrete and rubble, usually from building work, so unless you’re getting rid of debris from a renovation, you’ll probably want mixed waste. You can put lots of things in a mixed waste skip: carpets, furniture, mattresses, and general household and garden rubbish, so this is usually the kind of skip you’ll need for private use, but if you’re not sure, just ask the hire company for advice.

Where’s It Going

The really big question that needs answering before you order a skip is where will it go? If your skip is going on private land, such as your driveway, then the biggest problem will be whether there’s good access for the lorry when it delivers your skip. Is your gate wide enough to accommodate it? Are there any low trees or washing lines in the way (skip lorries are taller than you’d think)?

If the skip is going on public land, like the roadside, then you’ll need a permit to place it there. Skip permits are available from your local council, but many skip companies will arrange one for you when you order; the price of a permit varies from council to council.

Filling Your Skip

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It might seem obvious how to load a skip, but there are a few things to bear in mind when doing so. You can’t put just anything in a skip, there’s a long list of items that are prohibited, such as asbestos and gas canisters (whether full or empty), so it’s best to check with the skip company first to make sure your waste will be accepted, as they can refuse to move it if it’s got prohibited items in it.

Don’t overfill your skip. Hire companies might not take your skip if you have overloaded it. Only fill it up to the top of the skip’s sides and don’t leave any large items overhanging at the front, back, or sides.

Always hire from an established and reputable company, preferably a local one. Stone UK Ltd can provide a high-quality service if you’re in the South Buckinghamshire, South Hertfordshire, or West London area; visit their web site for a top quality and local skip hire service.

Depending on the service offered by the hire company, you will often get the use of a skip for up to two weeks; collection times can vary, from the same day it’s delivered to a date that’s prearranged when you order.