Finding Viable Storage Solutions for Multifamily Tenants

Secure, on-site storage solutions for people that live in multifamily apartment complexes are becoming an increasingly coveted amenity around the world. In fact a recent study showed that people are more likely to choose an apartment – and pay more to live in it – if it is equipped with a place to securely store their extra belongings. Providing tenant storage solutions has the potential to not only gain more high quality tenants, but also raise the whole value of the property.

Why On-Site Storage Matters

There are a plethora of reasons why an apartment complex should have its own storage facilities. The most obvious reason is that it will give the tenants a convenient way to store their extra things and allow the entire complex to have a space to put the things that they only use for certain occasions out of the way, and off of the balconies. Whether it is storage bins, or tenant lockers, just the fact that tenants have a solution that is on site, brings security and value to the whole property.

One of the bigger problems that come with complexes that do not have a storage solution in place is that many of the tenants become creative and find spaces to stow away their extra belongings. For example, in large apartment complexes where there is a parking garage the tenants will tend to store their extra belongings in an area of their parking space where it can fit. This can cause many problems including rodent infestations and thefts.

In apartment buildings that have hallways, sometimes tenants store their extra stuff against the wall and along the hallways where it can stack up and cause problems. Although it may not seem like such a big problem at first, when every tenant in the building joins the crowd what ends up happening is that the entire property looks unkempt and unattractive. This is not the appearance that will attract new tenants, especially the kind that will stick around and continue to pay rent on time.

Another problem that not having adequate storage solutions for tenants occurs is that they will try to stuff all of the extra things that they  don’t use all of the time on their back balconies. Not only does this look awful from the outside, it is also a fire hazard that can cause some hefty fines and an unwanted visit from the authorities. You can try to make up all of the rules you want about where tenants can store things, but in the end they will put things where they want to unless you take harsh action. If you evict all of the tenants that don’t follow the rules, you won’t have any tenants left. The best way to deal with a situation such as this is to provide the apartment with an on-site storage solution that will adequately protect the tenant’s belongings.

Types of On-Site Storage

There are literally hundreds of different types of storage that you could potentially install in an apartment complex. There is the option  to install storage bins that have roll-up doors much like a garage. There is also an option to install storage boxes that are built to allow the vehicle of the tenant to pull under and have a storage space just over the hood of the car, or truck…or whatever. A property owner could install storage lockers in the garage of the property, or even throughout the hallways. The best solution, however, is to discover the room that is available and install secure storage bins that can accommodate the tenants and be beneficial to the entire complex.

Issues With Wire Mesh

In many cases an apartment complex owner will choose to install wire mesh storage boxes for the tenants in an enclosed space. This may seem like a cost-effective solution at the time, but in the end is nothing but a larger problem than not having storage at all.

One of the worst things about wire mesh storage is that anybody can see right through the walls of the storage bin. This means that when people that are on the hunt for things to steal see an opportunity to get some free stuff, they remember it and come back. Then they keep coming back.

Open storage spaces are an invitation for thieves to come in and take what they want from the place. It only takes a pair of strong wire cutters, or some bolt cutters to snip through the wire cages and allow thieves to get right inside and take what they want.

After the property owner has already spent the money to install the wire storage system they will learn that every penny that they spent was only an investment to invite ugly problems. Not only do wire cages attract thieves, they are  unattractive and will not be the first choice of the potential tenants that are looking for a safe place to live.

Storage Bins

Customized storage bins for tenants are a viable option for many apartment complexes, even if they are not aware of it. In many cases, there is a plethora of unused space just waiting to be put to good use once it is discovered. One of the great things about having a qualified storage solution company to work with is that they can send a representative to  your property to seek out and find the space that you might need in order to install the bins.

Storage bins are enclosed cases that can be large, or small depending on the available space, and the needs of the tenants. In some cases, the bins can be small enough to stack upon each other, in others they can be large enough to park a car in. The smaller ones will be equipped with the appropriate type of door that will be secure enough to keep thieves out and the belongings that are within safe from the elements. Larger storage bins can have roll-up doors that lock securely yet give enough room to store quite a bit of material inside.

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Over Vehicle Storage Bins

Over the vehicle storage bins are a magnificent option to put in place where there are parking garages. They are manufactured in order to get maximum storage space out of thin air. The “box” is supported by a pair of legs that suspends it in the air where there is enough room for a vehicle to park underneath it. This way, the space that would otherwise be used for nothing can be a solid, secure storage area for tenants that can hold up to 80 cubic feet of space.

Storage boxes like this are an affordable solution that provide tenants with adequate storage space, and peace of mind. The boxes can be locked and secured in a way that keeps thieves away and the contents inside safe.

Finding Great Storage Options

When you are searching for the right kind of storage for your complex, keep in mind that not all storage solutions are created equal. Contact a qualified storage professional, such as Bradly Storage Solutions so that you can be sure to get the kind of service and information that will be best for your unique needs. Look for an established company that keeps an eye on the multifamily market and knows how to give you the best solution that will bring you the highest return on your investment.