4 Possible Reasons You’re Running Out of Hot Water

“Why is my hot water running out?” You might ask yourself when you’re suddenly confronted with freezing water while in the shower. Automatically, calling a local plumber is the first thing that comes to your mind.

When it’s freezing cold outside, all you ever want is a warm, soothing shower but suddenly you find that hot water isn’t running anymore from the tap. To say the least, the hot water heaters are oftentimes the most neglected appliances in many homes around Croydon Park.

But, didn’t you know that the hot water heater is the one appliance that connects with other vital household systems, for example, dishwasher, shower, even the washing machine? Whether you like it or not, you cannot proceed to do all those important household tasks if one of these appliances isn’t functioning properly, in this particular case, the hot water heater.

There are several factors that affect the supply of hot water such as the level of hot water usage, maintenance practices, the type of water heater unit used in the home, the age of the unit, to name a few. As a matter of fact, running out of hot water can be attributed to a plethora of reasons although the reasons for each household differ. Among them are as follows:

Build-Up Of Minerals And Sediments

The accumulation of sediments such as rust and sand can cause blockade which leaves little space for hot water. These clogs stay at the bottom of the water heater tank, and what’s more, they can shield the water inside the tank from the source of heating which is placed at the tank’s bottom. When this happens, might as well call a professional plumber to fix the issue like draining the water to flush out all the deposits.

Defective Heating Elements

Heating elements may now start to burn-out or get damaged due to ageing, wear and tear and that’s why they lose their ability to heat all the water the tank can carry. Have a professional check the voltage of your heating element and perhaps after an assessment, he may recommend a replacement of defective parts of the system. Remember that all appliances have a lifespan. Old water heaters of 10 to 12 years naturally wear out and decrease their heating capacity.

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Damaged Dip Tube

You’d know the dip tube is defective if the water comes out lukewarm. It might even collapse and then break down into the tank.

Excessive Use Of Hot Water

If too many people are using hot water from different appliances all at the same time, chances are, you’ll really run out of what you need the most. If possible, schedule your use of the washing machine and dishwasher. Let them rest for a while as you take a shower so that you get the amount of hot water you need.

The above-mentioned are found to be the most common reasons why you run out of hot water but there could still be more that only experienced plumbers in Croydon Park can detect and understand.