Bedroom up-gradation or moving into a new apartment, a new bed for your bedroom is the basic thing that can play a major part in giving your room a definite look. The bed is the focal point of your bedroom so choose a bed that is both comfortable and nice to look at. Sleigh beds design can be a thing to go for because of its sledge design with its upholstery wrapped with a beautiful fabric.

First, buy a bed and then it will be easy to buy the furniture to complement the décor. The bed being the centrepiece of the bedroom will be able to define the look of your room. Then according to the colour of upholstered fabric wrapping, you can choose the matching curtains and bedsheets.


One style of bed that is lovable and in demand almost all the season is Sleigh beds. This is a classic piece with classic lines shaped like a diamond and the signature curved or scrolled feet and headboards, the bed frame resembles a sled or sleigh. The sleigh design also comes in a handmade chesterfield bed design which gives a royal look to your bedroom.


Handmade sleigh beds come in carved solid wood construction, giving a rich and timeless appeal to the beds. they are also an option for bringing a classic and luxury look to your bedroom. Buttoned in a diamond-shaped upholstery, fabric texture provides a comfy look to your sleeping place.

While these beds bring loads of timeless charm to your room, they are available in a wide range of styles to suit your bedroom style and design preferences. Handmade sleigh beds are classic but there are modern beds also in production for your contemporary styled bedroom or you can choose a transitional sleigh bed that can suit almost any master bedroom or guest bedroom for that matter. A traditionally styled handmade sleigh bed complements a more formal master bedroom or guest bedroom, making a timeless and stylish addition to your home décor.

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Various Styles

There are various styles to choose from, with multifunctionality, so, you can choose a sleigh bed that offers versatile functionality for your room. If your room is not spacious, then, you can make space for your extra clothing and other stuff by choosing a handmade Chesterfield bed with storage. This is a giant piece of furniture that becomes the focal point of your room and with its extra storage underneath the mattress, it is practical more efficient and gets rid of extra bulky storage units.

Choose from sleigh bed frames with drawers on the sides and footboards of the bed. It gives you more storing ease for you stuff that is in your common use, the books, shoes etc.

The Traditional Design

These beds are available in several different stylish designs to give a unique appeal to the décor in your bedroom. The traditional classic look is always in style. It is a huge wooden headboard carved from a single piece of wood. This kind of headboard is a style statement for your room. It looks very classy and traditional. This wood piece is a timeless addition to your bedroom. The sleigh design that has curvy headboards and footboards, is an exquisite piece of furniture art.

They are built from quality wood material to last a lifetime. By having this piece that’s built from quality wood materials, in a classic style that won’t look outdated, you can enjoy your bed for years to come.

The Transitional Design

A transitional sleigh bed with storage is both functional and stylish. This can bring uniqueness and stylish elegance to your bedroom. Choose this type with storage to use as a multifunctional central piece of your room. This bed with storage can make you enjoy its comfort and practical storage benefits at the same time.

The headboards can be made of fabrics or leather to create a relaxing environment that is comfy to both, the eyes and body. Leather-covered headboards in transitional design look amazing and somewhat give a contemporary look to your bedroom.

The light colour of the wall behind the bed and the lights of the lamp can also play a complementary role when matched with the bedsheet and blankets. Play with the colours and let your inner artist make some experiments. You can be creative with the style, design and colours of your room.


No matter what time of the year you decide to upgrade or move into a new house. the handmade sleigh bed design is for every season. Ottoman Beds offer you a wide range of variety in all the designs and styles of sleigh beds. We have all kinds of styles and upholstery fabric colours, even leather headboards in a wide range. The comfort and stylish look of these beds can be your unmatched and timeless style statement.