Top Tips For Positioning Your Living Room TV

 A little over a decade ago, televisions were gigantic beasts, and they were as large as castle walls and usually enclosed in a wooden frame. But that is not the case anymore, nowadays, TVs are produced in black and as flat as a paperback. The recent flat shape of TVs has opened them up for different possibilities to position them creatively. From concealing them creatively behind beautiful cupboards to hanging them above the fireplace.

Go through the following top tips to have creative ideas on how to position your living room TV.

Mount it High

If you stay in a small living space, then you should try out this mounting style. There won’t be any trailing wires on the floor and no massive furniture taking up the entire floor space. Placing a white and black picture on the wall gives an attractive backdrop. This means that when your TV goes off, you can stare at the artwork directly in front of you and not at a blank screen.

Gallery Effect

Give your television an aesthetic home next to beautiful works of art, oversized prints, and shelves of classic finds. You can select dark frames for nearby paintings to give the setting a coordinated display.

Mount the TV Against Matching Tones

Mounting your TV against a very dark background helps it blend in, even if it is a whopper. The TV can be placed in front of a wall having lots of texture and flanked by some logs put together for a sharp rustic contrast.

Stand the TV Away From Sun Rays

It is bad positioning to place your TV directly in the sunlight. The feel of the sun on our skin might be pleasing, but bathing your TV in sun rays makes the screen difficult to see or watch. You should instead put it beside a window, particularly a big one. This is to avoid the TV being bathed in direct sunlight.

Tuck it in a Corner

If your TV has a small screen, you can mount it on the wall or place it off a corner. This way, the TV contributes to the beauty of the room instead of dominating it. This is a perfect style for an open-plan house, where there is lots of space with multiple functions.


Photo: 1825 Interiors

Store on Built-In Shelves

These beautiful shelves were specially made to fit slightly above the alcoves. Their aesthetic structure provides extra-deep storage, which gives your TV a perfect concealing home. Using black paint on the shelves helps the television blend in, so everyone’s eyes are fixed on the treasures and books on other shelves rather than on the TV.

Use an Alcove

Having an alcove at the side of your chimney breast is an excellent place to hang your television. It is a natural home for your TV. You don’t even need a shelf. You can put a small TV on any metal unit with plenty of space under it for every other technology.

Conceal It

Many people don’t want their television to be the only focus of their living space. So you can make it a place to relax, chat and socialize by placing the TV in a hidden cupboard, with doors that are easy to pull across and out to conceal the screen.