How Do I Choose the Best Possible Solar Panel Installer?

Did you know that more people want energy-efficient homes? If you’re going to install solar panels but need to find a reputable installer, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over factors to consider when searching for a solar panel installer.

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Find Experts

You should find a company with at least two years of hands-on experience in solar work. Also, you want to find a company certified by the NABCEP.

NABCEP is the national certification program. The best solar installers will get certified by them.

Insurance and Licenses

Solar installers need insurance policies and businesses licenses. Some companies will have a general electrical contractor’s license. The license will prove they can handle the electrical and wiring parts of your system.

Other standard licenses will include home improvement or general contracting licenses. Installers should have public liability insurance.

Experience and Track Record

Solar’s an industry that’s growing. Diverse professionals have decided to pursue careers in solar work. It might take some time to find an experienced solar installer with steady work history.

But you want to find an installer who won’t end up dropping your project. A solar provider should provide proof of previously installed systems.

Learn About the Company’s Reputation

You can learn about an installer by checking the reviews of past customers.

Reviews and ratings will provide insight into the behavior of the installer. Is there a specific pattern of complaints online? Look for another installer.

Ask About Workmanship Warranty

If problems arise due to a faulty installation, a workmanship warranty will cover it. Sometimes, a panel will loosen because it wasn’t’ screwed down right, and the warranty will cover the repairs.

Contractors will have a range of warranties. You might be able to get one for as long as 25 years to only a few years. New and unestablished companies that offer an extended warranty are a red flag.

They might promise an extended warranty because they want to close a sale. Yet, there isn’t a guarantee they will remain open for that long.

You want to feel confident with a company offering an extended warranty. Do they have a verifiable history of doing work in the industry?

Search for a Competitive Quote

You will notice some companies provide a more competitive rate compared to others.

Companies should schedule an on-site visit to see your home. This way, they can calculate an accurate price.

Do the permits work in your state and city? How many panels should you get based on energy usage? What does the warranty include?

Talk to many different installers. Gather the various quotes so you can make sure you get a competitive rate.

Choosing solar for your home is a worthwhile investment. When choosing an installer, work with a reputable and communicative installer.

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Find a Reputable Solar Panel Installer

We hope this guide on choosing a solar panel installer was helpful. Make sure you spend time researching the different providers.

The solar installer should visit your home so they can make an accurate estimate for the project. Look for an experienced and reputable company. You could also ask your network for a recommendation.

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