Rising From the Ashes. Practical Tips to Recover From Fire

Home incidents and emergencies are something we always prepare for. We pay our emergency insurance. We have first aid kits accessible to all family members. Fire extinguishers and fire exits are available to some.

There are also agencies that offer emergency training. And some would go to the extent of going through it. Emergency preparedness websites are also available online. And the most available emergency contingency is by calling 911.

There are many tools available for emergency preparedness. They are on our phones, they are online and there are TV shows that focus on that. With all that information it is easy to say everyone is ready for any emergency. But not everyone is prepared when the actual emergency happens.

In the middle of an emergency, panic may still occur. All the training and stocked knowledge can still be forgotten. What is harder is recovering from an emergency. And on a scale of 1 to 10 recovery from fire is one of those at the top.

Fires have so much impact on people, properties, and the environment. It affects everyone in all countries all over the world. Often, the losses are extraordinary. It has caused hundreds of deaths and injuries and has claimed widespread damages to properties. It also has made a very significant impact on the environment.

Many times, fires may cause either a single casualty or may affect a single home. There are also incidents that affect many homes and properties. And the effects are still significant to those who have been affected by it. Aside from financial losses, the mental and emotional effects are unimaginable.

Trauma, fear, paranoia, depression are some of its mental effects just to name a few. There are those who need professional counseling to recover from it. Sometimes it takes years to move on from the experience. Especially when it involves death in the family.

Here are some practical ways to overcome the challenges posed by fire, as well as ways to recover from it:

Care for Yourself and Your loved ones  

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Immediately attend to family members who are with you. Pay attention if they are experiencing stress, trauma, and any emotional and mental health issues caused by the fire. Have them go through a medical check-up to make sure that the smoke and fire will not affect their health. Have them and yourself go through professional counseling when necessary.

If you have pets, it is important to have them checked by a Veterinarian. Their lungs can be damaged by the smoke they may have inhaled during the fire And this may cause long-term health issues. And they may also have burns that are hiding under their fur.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent  

With all the emotions and confusion that come after a fire, your insurance agent is well-trained to be level-headed. They should help you with the early stages of fire disaster recovery. They will help you in dealing with property emergencies and walk you through your coverage options. They will make sure you’re aware of all you can get from your insurance.

They can also recommend qualified restoration companies to help you get your property back. Or to provide expert moving help should you choose to move elsewhere. They will also help you identify the coverage you might have for other financial help.

Secure Your Home  

Coordinate with the fire department and make sure they declare your home safe before you re-enter. A fire may start again even if they may seem to appear to be out. If you find things and documents you want to save or reuse make sure they are carefully cleaned. Cleanup and recovery of things you found in the house may take time and patience.

Remember that disasters can make it hard to cope with life. This is especially true of children and the elderly. Remember to be patient with them and yourself. Say words of assurance, affection, and care to help them ease the mental and emotional stress they are going through.

There are other agencies that provide assistance so you can quickly recover from such incidents. They provide services to help you check your home after a fire. There are also those who provide clean-up services after a fire. And once you are physically safe they will take time to ensure your family’s emotional and physical well-being.

Always remember that life will bring challenges like this. So, aside from being prepared before it happens, we also need to be prepared for things we need to do after it happens.