Health Risks at Home that You Might Be Overlooking

Your home is where you might consider a haven; you feel protected and secure from the outside world. But what if you’re told that your home can be a reason for many health risks? Your home is where you spend the most time; you should be well aware that it can welcome numerous health risks if not kept in a suitable and clean condition. There can be many built-up bacteria, chemicals, or other hazards that you can easily overlook.

You should have a weekly routine of checking up on the following aspects of your house. Otherwise, not doing so can give birth to many illnesses and other health hazards.

The Comfort of Your Bed

You must know the feeling of crashing onto your bed after a long, tiring day. It is said that you spend a good amount of your time relaxing in your bed. This is why your beds should be clean and tidy.

Research, however, claims that the root for most of the allergies is the bed. This can happen with unwashed pillowcases. Many fungi grow in your bed and cause you health problems. One of the studies even claims that you can become asthmatic if you don’t sleep on clean and fresh sheets.

Other than that, another health risk hidden in your bed are mites. Their existence can vary depending on the humidity and fresh air in your room. Therefore, it is crucial to expose your room to as much fresh air and sunlight as possible.

Clogged Drains

Another health risk that might go unnoticed is a clogged drain system. When cleaning your house, you might often miss cleaning your drains. They can get blocked because of all the food particles, debris, or any small object flowing in them. That would make it difficult for water to pass through it and cause backflow.

Not only does this damage your home, but it also has more significant health risks for the homeowner. These clogged drains can be home to bacteria that eventually spread throughout if not cleaned. This also can be a home for cockroaches, rodents, and other insects that can get into your house through this system.

Indoor Gardens

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Many people love the sight of plants all over their houses. It can give the abode a fresh look, and the flowers make it smell sweet. But you should also look upon the health hazards that this might cause for the inhabitants. All these indoor plants are a great source of fresh oxygen and scent, and they can be a pleasant sight.

However, most of them can cause damage to younger people or pets. If not careful, many plants can be poisonous if they come in contact with any kid or pet. In addition, several flowers are considered toxic for cats and dogs.

Another problem is the flower bouquet that you preserve for many days in the same water. That water can be home to many bacteria. That can also attract insects to your house. So, if you’re placing a bouquet in your house, make sure to change the water frequently to avoid any nasty smells or health dangers.

Dust All Over

You can put in all your efforts, but the dust will somehow manage to get onto your surface. It can be in places that are hard to reach. It can be on surfaces that you just cleaned minutes ago.

People often ignore the dust because they don’t think its hazards are significant. However, it is proven that the dust in a home is full of toxic chemicals. That can be dangerous for children or infants who might crawl around and put things in their mouths covered in dust.

Other than the normal dust flowing in through windows, there is lead dust caused by the chipping or deterioration of the lead paint. If your home’s paint contains lead, it can be highly hazardous to people coming in contact with it. It doesn’t have noticeable symptoms earlier, but it can cause long-term damage to your brain.

Not noticing all these hazards in the house is a common mistake most people make. These might look irrelevant to several individuals. However, they can have a long-term effect on your and your family’s health; plus, they can damage your house.

You should not just put in the effort to make your house look clean from the outside. You should also focus on these maintenance issues and make your home a safe and healthy living place. This way, you don’t have to worry about risking yourself and your family.