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All About Taking Care of Lawn Tools

From time to time, you need to put those lawn tools away until next season. As per the experienced professionals for lawn care in Winnipeg at The Sodfather, tools and equipment for lawn care are an investment that, properly cared for, can last for decades. The following are some of the most common tools for lawn care and the ways to show them some love.

  • Lawn Mower

During the growing season, you might be pulling out the mower twice or thrice a week. That number adds up after a complete season of trimming the grass. Keep this workhorse in wonderful shape by doing a little postseason cleanup. Start by disconnecting the wire of the spark plug, followed by brushing off leaves, grass clippings, and sludge, taking care to unclog the engine intake.

Tip the mower softly on its side to get rid of any clippings or other grunge from below the mower. Gasoline can deteriorate in as little as thirty days and cause the fuel system of the engine to block. Adding a fuel storage stabilizer can help keep the fuel fresh for up to 2 years. After adding the stabilizer, fill the tank with fuel to the top, and allow the mower to run for a few minutes to work the treated fuel through the system.

As per the specialists for lawn care in Winnipeg, the full tank helps prevent moisture from getting into the tank and causing rust.

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  • Garden Hose

Hoses are most likely one of the most ignored lawn tools. They usually get left out in the hot sun and haphazardly near the faucet. Especially if you live in a neighborhood with freezing temperatures, it is very imperative to disconnect the hose from the valve. Leaving it connected could let water freeze in the pipes, resulting in leaks and damage to the plumbing.

In its place, after disconnecting the hose, be certain to properly drain it, working in sections if required.

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