Do Wire Cage Storage Units Cause Problems?

On-site storage has many undeniable benefits for renters and property owners alike. Offering storage can help to keep hallways and common spaces free of clutter, keep your renters’ belongings safe and secure, all while putting extra money back in your pocket every month. Storage is a sought-after amenity in many areas and cities and can add a sleek design to the look of your property. There are no shortages when it comes to storage options for apartment buildings, and one of the seemingly popular choices these days are wire mesh storage units. Wire mesh seems at face value to be the best bang for your buck, however before definitely deciding on a wire mesh unit you should know the ups and downs that come along for the ride. 

Safety, Privacy, and Security 

The top priorities for renters when it comes to storage are feeling safe and secure, having privacy, and having their extra belongings close enough to access easily when needed. Wire mesh storage is essentially see-through, meaning it does not supply any amount of privacy for their things. This also leads to a lack of safety and security, as any pair of wandering eyes could easily size up what is being kept in the unit and make away with your renters’ items with as little as a pair of wire cutters. Renters find value in storage units that provide safety and security for their things, and wire mesh leaves a lot to be desired in that arena. The lack of protection also leaves tenants things vulnerable to dirt, debris, insects, or any other small critter that could make its way through. Wire mesh is seen as disorganized, messy, and unattractive by future potential renters. Because of the see-through walls, all of your renters’ items are on full display whether they are well organized, or they are discombobulated messes of extra belongings. 

The Better Option

Wire mesh leaves a lot to be desired in the ways of security, privacy, and safety and tends to not be loved by renters. One of the main reasons property owners gravitate to wire mesh is because it seems to be the most cost-effective way to offer storage to your tenants, however, there are much better storage options around the same price point that fulfill the things that wire mesh lacks. 

Bradyl Boxes are free-standing car space storage boxes that are loved by renters for their superior security, safety, and privacy. They turn previously unusable air space above the vehicles in standard-sized parking spaces into reliable, high quality and sleek steel storage boxes. They hold up to 900 pounds of stored items and offer over 80 cubic feet of storage space, all in an easily accessible space close to home for your renters. 

Bradyl Bins are a more traditional style of storage locker, with walls of steel and a swing open door that can be locked with a padlock for ultimate safety, security and privacy. They can turn open, unused space into sleek and stylish storage facilities to bring a unique and attractive design to your property. Renters love the security and privacy, and property owners love the prices comparable to wire mesh units. 

If you are going to go through the troubles of installing storage on-site for your tenants, it’s important to make sure you are investing in storage facilities that they will feel safe using and find value in renting. Wire mesh may seem like the easiest option, but hopefully, we have shown you why they are the least reliable, safe, and secure.