Tips For A Speedy Clean-Up

We’ve all been there; visitors call to say they’re dropping by unexpectedly (and at worryingly short notice!), and the place looks like a bomb has been dropped on it! It can be hard to decide which areas of your home to focus your cleaning and tidying efforts on so that they don’t turn around and walk right back out the door! However, the following tips should help you get your home shipshape before the unexpected guests arrive:

Fling Open The Windows!

Help get rid of stale or unpleasant odors by simply opening your windows for a while.

Take Out The Trash

There’s no more unwelcoming aroma than overflowing garbage, so empty trash cans to help eliminate nasty smells.

Freshen Up Your Bathroom

A quick squirt of bleach in the toilet bowl, and a wipe round the toilet and sink with a cleaning wipe is all it takes to get your bathroom up to visitor standards. Light a scented candle to mask any lingering odors!

Plump It Up!

Plump cushions and arrange them nicely on your couch, while removing rugs if they’re harboring dirt and dust – unless you have time to vacuum them, in which case, do!

Call In The Professionals!

If you have a cleaner who comes regularly, then you probably won’t ever need to panic if guests turn up unexpectedly, but for those of you who don’t, consider calling an agency to see if they have a maid who can rush round and get you shipshape before your guests arrive!

Fill The Sink With Soap Suds

If you have dirty crockery or utensils that you don’t have time to clean, simply hide them in a sink full of hot, soapy water, your guests will be none the wiser!

Turn It Up

Play some ambient music quietly in the background to improve your visitor’s overall experience.

Distract Them With Snacks!

Place a few bowls of snacks on a table to offer your guests and if they’re really tasty, they’ll focus their attention on the food and not on the state of your home!

Fill A Vase

If you have flowers you can quickly cut from your yard or garden, or have time to pop out and buy a bunch, a vase of fresh flowers can instantly give a home a welcoming look and smell.


Speedy Clean

The soft glow from a few, strategically placed candles can work wonders for hiding myriad clean up jobs yet to be carried out!

Ultimately, there’s no need to panic when you have unexpected visitors who threaten to arrive quicker than you care to think about, and if you follow the above tips you should be able to welcome them without too much embarrassment, however, if you have booked a regular cleaning service, you’ll definitely have a lot less to worry about.