Pros and Cons of a Wire Mesh Storage Unit

If you are pondering the installation of a wire mesh storage unit for yourself, or for the tenants of your apartment building, you may want to read this article before moving forward. Many landlords have made the mistake of installing wire cages for storage spaces only to learn that in the long run, they cost more money than it would have to install secure storage bins instead. Although the only “pros” of wire cage storage bins are false pros, we will still continue with this article then present a viable solution that will be much better than any wire cage ever could.

The Cost of Installation

It would appear as though installing a wire mesh storage solution would cost less money and be less of a problem to implement. This all depends on the way that you look at it. When landlords install this type of solution they are either fooled by the hype of the company that sold them the product, or they are not aware of the other options that are available. Although it may seem cheaper to install wire mesh, this is not accurate. You can get storage bins installed for about the same price as it would be to install wire mesh storage.

After it is all said and done, adding a secure storage solution to an apartment complex can add thousands of dollars of value to the worth of the property as well as generate extra income for the landlord.

The Lack of Privacy

One of the many things that wire mesh does not supply is privacy. Anybody and everybody can see the contents of a wire box. The only way to avoid this is to cover the contents with a tarp or some other covering. The problem with covering a bunch of property up with tarps or blankest is that it becomes an immense fire hazard. You have your choice between turning your property into a stable environment for thieves to steal things or a tinderbox that is ready to burst into flames at any moment. Neither one of these options sounds like an ideal goal, but both are very possible with mesh.

Thieves can see right through the mesh and can ascertain the contents of the storage box. If they do decide to come back and steal whatever it is that they spot inside of there, it will be as easy as a kid eating candy for them to break into the wire cage. A good, strong set of wire cutters will allow even the dumbest of the thieves to get inside. You can install the biggest, strongest padlock on the door of the unit, but if people can cut right through the wire, locks are as useless as a water bowl full of holes.

Security and Aesthetics

Most people just want to live in a nice, safe place where they don’t have to worry about crime or drama. Great tenants are people that have enough money to pay the rent on time and afford to live in a place that looks nice and has adequate security. Imagine how it would feel if you were looking for a place to live and you stumbled into a property that was full of wire cages stuffed with the belongings of a thousand tenants. Wire cages are ugly, and when they are filled full of stuff they are even uglier. If you had a choice between living in an ugly place or living in a nice looking place which would you choose?

The Solution

The best thing about installing wire storage bins is that you don’t have to! You can add value to your property, save money, and give the people what they want simply by contacting the experts at Bradyl Storage Solutions. Learn how to generate a substantial amount of revenue and add the best storage solution available on the planet today.