Getting Your Hands On Some Pallets For Projects

Your list of DIY ideas has increased dramatically over this year. An opportunity to remodel has come. As you are going over the things and organizing, you will understand that your plans won’t have much basis until you accumulate the materials. The choices are varying, and you don’t know where to start..

Glass and metal are the go-to materials. Wood is out of your financial reach. You are resolved to achieve your inside and outside undertakings, however. Your plants are craving new spaces to grow and that front entryway sign is falling to pieces.

Has the idea of using pallet wood occurred to you?

Pallets are practical, easy-to-treat, and generally low cost. They can also come in a range of sizes, colors, and types of wood. Many people have found ways to get them for free. Not only are they all of the aforementioned, but using them is considered a form of upcycling, so in turn you’re helping the environment by using sustainable practices.

If this sounds exciting to you, then you may be considering where to find some quality pallets for your DIY projects. Keep reading for some useful tips and suggestions on finding quality pallets, and some other useful information about them.

Pallets In Your Neighbourhood

The easiest way to get the pallets you need for your projects is through contacting a company which offers pallet services in your area. Often official municipal waste authority’s have details of registered pallet recyclers in their area, and you can contact them for that information. It’s always best to contact these companies and visit them to see what they have available.

·       Ma and Pa Shops in Your Locale

A different approach could be contacting some of the smaller businesses in your area, especially if you know the owners or managers.

Depending on the products they sell, deliveries can come in on pallets, which end up sitting in their storage with no use. This could be from:

  • Gardening supply stores
  • Stonemasons or stone yards
  • Construction sites
  • Small-scale home improvement stores

·       Looking on the Web

If you’re confident in finding and buying products online through open marketplaces such as CraigsList, then the same can be applied to your search for pallets. Be sure to get concrete details about price and location, and ask for some photos of them before you go to pick them up. If your vehicle isn’t big enough or suitable to pick up the pallets then another option is to disassemble the pallets first, discuss this option with the owner beforehand and find an agreeable arrangement.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees but Pallets Do

If, like me, you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a plethora of small businesses, then you may find it quite easy to get your hands on some free pallets for your future projects. As the old saying goes: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”, some businesses may be delighted to hear you’ll take them off their yard, others may have a deposit system or something of the sort.

If your requests are rejected, another viable option is to contact some local distribution centers. Of course you won’t be asking for the product they sell for free, instead inquire about deformed or damaged pallets, as these companies will have strict standards at which the pallets must be kept. This is your opportunity to offer to take some of these second-rate pallets off their hands, and even if they aren’t free they may only require a nominal fee, depending on how many.

Pallets in Precarious Places

It’s not impossible that you could be driving around the commercial or industrial area in your region and you notice some pallets stacked somewhere odd, perhaps even near the dumpster. Grabbing these pallets without first asking for them can land you in hot water. This often happens with corporations and franchises which work with pallet management services, they’ll arrange a designated spot for them to leave the pallets for the management services team to pick them up.

Never assume that pallets left in strange areas are free-for-all (unless that is noted on a sign), this can lead to completely unnecessary legal issues. Always enquire with the owner first and make certain pickup arrangements.

The Good and the Bad Pallets

Although you may not require the highest quality pallets for your projects, there are some which should be avoided or handled with particular care:

·         Pallets Treated with Chemicals

If you notice the acronyms MT or HT on the pallets then this is a sign that they have been treated with heavy chemicals, which can cause some health concerns in certain cases. Particularly with methyl bromide (MT) as it is considered potentially carcinogenic.

·         Pallets which Carried Food

Food scraps, leaks, and waste can create an excellent environment for microorganisms to grow. Consider this when using pallets which were used to transport food, especially if you are using them to build a compost.