Tips For Choosing Your Deck Balusters

Balusters, or the column between the main posts of a staircase or railing, can be as decorative as they are supportive. Many people choose to put railings and decorative balusters on decks to keep kids from accidentally going over the side as well as to add an extra touch to the look of their home. Choosing the right deck balusters means looking at the materials used, designs available and measurements needed.

Know The Right Materials

You can find wood, metal or plastic balusters as well as some glass or composite ones. The material you choose should fit your aesthetic as well as offer the right kinds of support. Aluminum balusters, for example, can be made in a variety of designs as the metal is malleable and strong, they are also more durable to the elements than wood ones.

Take The Right Measurements

You will need to know the height of the railing as well as the width of both the balusters and the space you need to fill. Since these columns have regulations governing how close they can be together to keep you from getting stuck and how far apart they can be to still offer support to the railing. Once you have these measurements, you will know how many to order as well as where to drill the support holes.

Find The Right Design

Not every material can be shaped into the design of baluster you want, so it is important to keep this in mind as you shop for a design. Since aluminum is the easiest to shape, or reshape if needed, it is easier to find custom designs from manufacturers. You can find turned wood designs to fit the aesthetic of your home or order plastic ones to match your aesthetic.

Balusters add a touch of design aesthetic to your deck and staircase railings while making them safer. You can find these columns in various materials and shapes to find the right fit for your home and the measurements of the space.

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