When Should I Clean My Aircon?

Singapore’s hot and humid tropical climate causes aircon systems to accumulate a lot of dirt. When dry dust comes in contact with moisture, it tends to form clumps that clog the coils or your condenser and evaporator. Dirt causes a drop in the efficiency of the system.

While it is good for your aircon’s health that you clean it regularly, professional cleaning should not be ignored.

Aircon self-service

Regular cleaning of an aircon is a very easy job. It does not require special skills, tools, or much time.

Note: Before you try any cleaning or maintenance on the aircon, make sure the cable is disconnected, or the circuit breaker is OFF. You may get an electric shock if you try to clean an AC while it is plugged.

Here is what you may do monthly to keep your air conditioner working well

1) Filters: Take off the front case and remove the filter grille from the aircon. Spray warm water to make sure all dust and accumulated particles are removed from the filters. These filters have limited life; you must not use them longer than recommended.

Note: The filters are delicate. Do not use too much force or abrasive material to rub off dust.

2) Coil cleaning

Aircon coils require frequent cleaning. They have a large surface area and closely spaced fins which accumulate dirt.

  • Outdoor unit – A monthly wash of the condenser’s coil with pressurized water should be enough to remove the dirt. Ensure you use a brush having soft bristles to remove the stuck particles. Fins on the coil are thin, and they bend easily.
  • Indoor unit – The evaporator is also similar and has a coil. Clean it by spraying a small amount of warm soapy water and then cleaning the fins with a soft brush. Continue till you can see the coil shining. You may use a coil cleaner in case there is smell due to mold or bacteria. Rinse with clean water once you’re done using the chemicals.

Note: Do not use sharp tools to try reaching deep inside the coil. You may bend and damage the fins or even cause a leak.

Singapore is close to the sea. The condenser coils could have salt accumulation. In that case, you’d need to call a professional technician. Salt can rapidly corrode metal causing damage to your coils. If a leak develops, it is very difficult to repair, if at all possible. The replacement of coils is very expensive and inconvenient. Replacement of aircon components may cost you thousands of dollars.

Professional service schedule

You can clean the aircon superficially, at best. While manual cleaning is good and can keep your AC working efficiently, professional maintenance is essential for the longevity of the aircon.

There are many professional aircon cleaning and repair services in Singapore. It is recommended to buy an annual plan where you can select how frequently you want to get the aircon serviced. If your aircon unit is old, it may require frequent servicing.

The maintenance personnel also have a keen eye, and they can detect problems that you may not be able to. Fixing a problem earlier can save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of inconveniences.

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Aircons require a lot of maintenance. You can keep your aircon working well if you clean it periodically. You would typically clean the air filters and the coils of the condenser and the evaporator. Self-service doesn’t negate the need for professional servicing and maintenance. Trained technicians can detect problems before they cause failure. Repairs can help you save time and money. Replacement parts of the aircon are extremely expensive.