Heating Oil 101: For Beginners

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home that uses heating oil, and you’ve only be used to having electric and gas before. This little guide will help you to understand heating oil and how it’s going to help keep your home and family warm. Heating oil Shropshire are always happy to give advice to new heating oil customers.

So here are the basics you need to know about heating oil before you get started.

What is heating oil and how can it be used?

Heating oil is used to heat your boiler, and it is a common alternative to using electricity and gas. It is used by an estimated 1.5 million British households, so you can see that it is a popular alternative. Typically, it is the most convenient and low-cost solution available to households that are off the national grid.

Where should I get my heating oil from?

We recommend doing some research on your local heating oil suppliers, possibly even ringing them to discuss your oil needs and finding out about costs and payment plans. This would also be a good opportunity to look into some fuel tank maintenance; your fuel tank should be cleaned and checked at regular intervals over the year – with more checks occurring in the winter months.

Why choose heating oil?

Over 1.5 million homes in the UK use heating oil as their fuel for home heating, this is because it’s safe, efficient and clean. Back in 2010, four million tonnes of heating oil were sold – 2.5 million of that was used for domestic heating. The newer A-rated oil-fuelled boilers can now produce up to 97% efficiency, making oil a more economical fuel than others out there.

Is it called anything else?

Heating oil can also be referred to as; kerosene, home heating oil, burning oil and 28-second burning oil. If you aren;t sure which oil you will require, get in contact with a reputable distributor, such as heating oil North Wales.

When should I buy my heating oil?

Typically, heating oil is cheaper to buy during the summer months when the demand for it is at its lowest. Buying it during the summer also means that you are prepared if there are any cold snaps in the weather. However, not everyone wants to have a tank full of heating oil just sitting there over the summer, so it is advisable to order your heating oil as early as possible in order to get everything ready in time for winter. Prices and overall demand should still be relatively low, and you’ll avoid a long wait for your heating oil delivery – which can sometimes happen in bad weather conditions.

How much heating oil do I need?

On average, a UK household using heating oil consumes roughly 1,400 litres every year. This is only a benchmark figure though, as it will vary depending on other factors such as; how large the house is, how well insulated it is, how cold the weather is and how many people are occupying the house