Being Multifunctional Doesn’t Always Mean A Lack In Class

Do you ever get those days when you get home from a long and exhausting day, you look around your house, go to sit on your sofa and just have this strong urge to move the furniture around? Because maybe if you move the room around, you might just change the energy flow and give a better. Or perhaps how about getting those surprise visits from your family or friends, without having an extra bed for them to sleep on? You would have to undergo an excruciating and yet another tiring task of moving your coffee table over just so you could somehow make out a bed out of the sofa. Imagine how strenuous it must be for your muscles (most especially your back!!) to do all of that heavy lifting after such a draining day. Don’t you just wish that your furniture would just have a tad bit more of functionality to help you out during these dreadful scenarios? Well, with the help of brass castors, furniture can be multifunctional yet remain classy at the same time.

A Multifunctional Transformation

Most furniture in any room ends up being dead weight when placed – this holds true most importantly for huge and heavy pieces of furniture such as sofas, tables, chests, and bed frames to name a few. But don’t be disheartened, lucky for you there are quick and easy fixes for these big pieces of furniture to gain added functionality.  One of the most cost-efficient and easy ways to transform multifunctional pieces of furniture is to install brass castors on them. Once these are installed, moving your furniture and re-doing your rooms would already be a breeze. Not to mention that it saves your flooring from getting damaged because the wheels will serve as protection when moving the furniture.

Quick as One, Two, Three

There are a lot of different kinds of brass castors you can use depending on which type of furniture you would like to use it for. Regardless, these castors are very easy to incorporate with the existing pieces of furniture that you already have. You want to be able to move your sofa easily within the rooms in our home? No worries! You could simply install two brass castors on the two front legs of your sofa and you wouldn’t even be hassled with how much it weighs when you do decide to move it around. Installation is as easy as pie with options ranging from screwing it on the legs, gluing them with handy stronghold glue, or simply by placing heavy duty stickers.

Brass is Class

More and more furniture makers are preferring brass as finishing accents to the pieces they make, and there are a lot of good reasons for it. Brass is actually very durable so it could be cost-efficient in the long run. Not only that, it’s very easy to maintain as well because it has properties that make it greatly resistant to corrosion. What’s great about brass is that even though it has heavy-duty properties, there are a lot of classy and sophisticated looking designs because of how easily it could be melded and polished.

Options for Style and Functionality

You can get brass castors that look antique, modern, classy, and sophisticated, depending on your existing furniture. It also comes in different shapes and sizes which you can choose from. They don’t only come in a round shape, there are also some which has a square shape while some have claws. It really depends greatly on you and your need. You can also mix and match certain types and designs so that your furniture would match any room you have. What’s great about using your very own chosen brass castors is that you could easily replace just a single piece once it gets worn out or damaged. It wouldn’t cost too much to have let’s say a one-piece sofa with wheels repaired by its original maker, than by buying a piece of brass castor to replace.

Multifunctionality Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

Brass castors don’t cost too much to break into your wallets but the added functionality to each piece of furniture is surely worth it. It doesn’t only add value to furniture, but when you look at the big picture… it actuals adds more value to a room. With the movability of your furniture, you will never get tired of how each room looks because moving furniture around and re-styling any room wouldn’t require too much anymore. Even after a long and tiring day at work, you would easily be able to move them around and have a brand new view to improve your aura and atmosphere. Aren’t you glad you wouldn’t have to shed out tons of cash for a fresh “new” room?

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