What to Know About Asphalt Shingles

It is undeniable that the roof of your house serves as your first line of defense against weather hazards or elements. So it is also undeniable that this specific part of your house must be taken with utmost care. But aside from being the ‘defense’ against the changing weather which is considered as the main challenge in terms of roofing, your roof’s condition and appearance must also be considered and given importance. You should take into consideration both aesthetics and functionality. Now, when it comes to aesthetics and functionality, with added durability, flexibility and affordability, one type of roofing pops up – shingles, particularly, asphalt shingles.

Why Switch to Asphalt Shingles?

One of the famous places across United States that use asphalt shingles Dearborn Michigan, from the west part of the United States. Asphalt shingles protect the house and the first layer of roof from strong winds, heavy rain, freezing snow and sweltering heat from the sun.

Choosing asphalt shingles is definitely an eco-friendly, budget-friendly, time and effort saving, and much more appealing decision. Asphalt shingles are eco-friendly because of the materials used –  because of its durability that can withstand for decades and has the ability to be reused and transferred. Yes, used asphalt shingles may be reused or transferred to another roofing. They may also be used as footpath or pavement.  It is also budget-friendly because it is one of the low cost roofings, not just in United States but across the globe. As mentioned, this type of roofing saves time and effort, in terms of its installation and even of its repair. And the last straw to pull for this type of shingles is its aesthetic appeal, the various patterns, vibrant colors, and different sizes, textures and styles to choose from.

What are the Must Dos in Choosing Asphalt Shingles?

Your roof, being one of the largest parts of your house needs maintenance, cleaning, repairing and replacing which can be thoroughly done through proper regular roof inspection.

You must regularly clean your roof from the accumulated debris of leaves and twigs to the spreading and deep-rooted moss, algae, grimes and fungus. Roof gutters must also be given much attention because water accumulation may occur. Stagnant water may seep through asphalt shingles making them brittle, fragile and damaged. Speaking of damage, you must also pay close attention to small scratches, cracks or holes. Even a single shingle broken or missing must immediately be replaced for it not to worsen and affect other shingles which may lead to major repairs or worse, whole roof replacement.

Little routinary roofing tasks must be done properly to help maintain your asphalt shingles roofing. If your roofing is well-maintained, you and your family are surely well-protected.