4 Things To Be Checked Before Buying Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are used during emergency situations (as its name implies). They act as standby and assist when no electricity is available. Emergency lights are part of almost all buildings including apartments & offices. This helps people in seeing things clear enough during sudden electricity cut offs & prevents them from tumbling. Thus emergency lights ensure your safety wherever you go.

Two types of emergency lights

Some emergency lights are designed to power on automatically (especially those in offices & apartment lanes) when electricity fails. They are the ones used in apartment lanes, buildings etc. But some other rechargeable emergency lights are designed for personal use. These lights can be used personally not only at homes but anywhere else as they are mostly designed to be light weighted & easily portable. The main point is that these emergency lights can be switched off & on manually (whenever needed).

In this article we will be putting more light on the second kind of emergency lights which suit personal needs and can be switched on manually when needed. The 4 things to be checked before buying emergency light – from LED Emergency Lights Manufacturers in India and other areas – in order to ensure a good purchase are:

  1. Check the power of light emitted
  2. Check the brightness levels offered
  3. Check the recharge time
  4. Check the portability
  5. Check time required for recharge

Check the power of light emitted

Check the power or strength of the light emitted. Your need determines the strength of the light demanded. Therefore make sure that you use the right light for illuminating areas well. Too strong light or too weak light will cause issues in seeing things properly.

Check the brightness levels offered

Most of the emergency lights offer two levels of light-intensities or brightness levels. This helps in dimming & brightening as per your need. Dim the light whenever required or else too much light will act harsh on eyes & won’t allow you to view objects properly. You can increase the intensity level of light or switch the brightness level to brighter one if the light is not enough for viewing things. Therefore check whether the emergency light you buy offers you with options of changing the brightness levels for ensuring a pleasant viewing experience.

Check the recharge time

Some emergency lights get recharged quickly. This helps you in being ready for the next usage as soon as possible. If you are in a place where current keeps on fluctuating or gets cut off frequently then it is better to buy emergency lights that get fully recharged quickly. Therefore buy emergency lights having less recharge time and be prepared for handling sudden power failures effectively; any time.

Check the portability

You have to switch rooms when there is a current cut or at times you might have to travel even more distance with the help of emergency lights. Thus you might be in need of carrying emergency lights with you in many scenarios. Therefore buy portable, light weighted emergency lights providing enough intensity lights. This helps you in viewing things while moving from one place to another. Such emergency lights can be carried with you even while you are on a trip.

Check whether the emergency light you buy from Emergency Lights Exporter in West Bengalhas all the qualities mentioned above. Emergency lights are used during emergency situations! You cannot predict when sudden demand of back up light will happen as you don’t know when the next current-cut will happen. Hence buy a portable emergency light and keep it fully recharged. Take them along with you wherever you go. Buy fast recharging emergency lights and recharge them whenever you get a chance. Change the brightness levels for seeing things – near or far away from you & small or big – with equal efficiency. You can gather feedback from people who have already used a specific company’s emergency light – for ensuring the efficiency of the product – before buying it.